Little joys of life 

For the first time in so many years I have experienced the excitement for birthdays. My two year old was so excited for her upcoming birthday, it was an event which she was looking forward to so much so that even in her sleep she would wake up saying it’s my birthday. I don’t think she really understands what birthdays mean, for her it’s simple she gets to cut the cake and we all sing HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you in chorus, small little things can bring so much joy to the little ones. Wish we all can be so excited and joyous about celebrating small little things in life. Every day she teaches me a new lesson for life and everyday I strive to be a little bit like her, someone who has minimalistic expectations and loves with all the passion,experiences pain also beautifully and most of all moves on without keeping all of this in a memory box. Every day is beautiful for her, she doesn’t wake up with any prejudices, every morning she looks into my eyes and says good morning mamma with all the love and excitement, doesn’t have any reason to not welcome the day with a smile.