Do babies need toys???

image1 (1)Definitely one of the most debated topics on a number of parenting forums, honestly I always thought toys are made only for kids so why not, after all it’s so much fun. I have done my share of research on whether kid needs toys or no? Everyone has a different opinion, some truly believe that toys will make kids materialistic, reduce their attention span, limit their creativity etc. On the other hand there are some who advocate toys for better brain stimulation at an early age. What I have learnt is there is no right or wrong as it completely depends on your parenting style.  As far as making you kid materialistic by giving them toys that applies to the branded clothes and imported baby washes and creams as well.  Basically babies do not need anything, what they need is lots of love and cuddles from mommy and daddy dear, I mean  they only express the need to be cuddled really, everything else is a prop which can be used by parents to keep them engaged, entertained . Do we need to entertain/engage them is another  question all together. But toys have helped me in constructively spending time with my little one; I had no idea how to engage her otherwise.  As a new mom, I had no idea what to talk to her about; toys helped me starting the conversations 🙂 we bond while playing with toys as we bond by doing various other things together like going out for a stroll, reading a book, sharing a snack and so on. Also babies love exploring new things, why can’t toys be one of them? Especially now when we have such well researched toys available in the market which have much more focus on making the babies much more creative. Of course you need to be very careful while choosing the right toy that is appropriate for your bubs age. Like a stacking toy for as soon as the baby starts sitting, a shape sorter for one year old etc. I will share a list of age appropriate toys in my next blog 🙂