Little joys of life 

For the first time in so many years I have experienced the excitement for birthdays. My two year old was so excited for her upcoming birthday, it was an event which she was looking forward to so much so that even in her sleep she would wake up saying it’s my birthday. I don’t think she really understands what birthdays mean, for her it’s simple she gets to cut the cake and we all sing HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you in chorus, small little things can bring so much joy to the little ones. Wish we all can be so excited and joyous about celebrating small little things in life. Every day she teaches me a new lesson for life and everyday I strive to be a little bit like her, someone who has minimalistic expectations and loves with all the passion,experiences pain also beautifully and most of all moves on without keeping all of this in a memory box. Every day is beautiful for her, she doesn’t wake up with any prejudices, every morning she looks into my eyes and says good morning mamma with all the love and excitement, doesn’t have any reason to not welcome the day with a smile. 

Do babies need toys???

image1 (1)Definitely one of the most debated topics on a number of parenting forums, honestly I always thought toys are made only for kids so why not, after all it’s so much fun. I have done my share of research on whether kid needs toys or no? Everyone has a different opinion, some truly believe that toys will make kids materialistic, reduce their attention span, limit their creativity etc. On the other hand there are some who advocate toys for better brain stimulation at an early age. What I have learnt is there is no right or wrong as it completely depends on your parenting style.  As far as making you kid materialistic by giving them toys that applies to the branded clothes and imported baby washes and creams as well.  Basically babies do not need anything, what they need is lots of love and cuddles from mommy and daddy dear, I mean  they only express the need to be cuddled really, everything else is a prop which can be used by parents to keep them engaged, entertained . Do we need to entertain/engage them is another  question all together. But toys have helped me in constructively spending time with my little one; I had no idea how to engage her otherwise.  As a new mom, I had no idea what to talk to her about; toys helped me starting the conversations 🙂 we bond while playing with toys as we bond by doing various other things together like going out for a stroll, reading a book, sharing a snack and so on. Also babies love exploring new things, why can’t toys be one of them? Especially now when we have such well researched toys available in the market which have much more focus on making the babies much more creative. Of course you need to be very careful while choosing the right toy that is appropriate for your bubs age. Like a stacking toy for as soon as the baby starts sitting, a shape sorter for one year old etc. I will share a list of age appropriate toys in my next blog 🙂

Walk on the grass baby !!!


Another road trip with the little one (16 months old), very non adventurous one in terms of meltdowns :). She was much more prepared and so was mommy, we got her very excited for the car ride and promised her that we can spot a number of red buses (current favorite) on the way.  She enjoyed the trip thoroughly, playing on the grass, the swimming pool and good food :). First time she stepped on the grass barefoot, she felt so weird made some faces  and was not ready to take the next step. We distracted her and got her to take some steps, although she didn’t quite liked it. I never thought that the feel of grass can also make someone uncomfortable, her reactions surprise me in so many ways, its like being introduced to so many things all over again :). Anyways once she was confident, which by the way took only 10 minutes there was no looking back, she wanted to be there all the time. I am amazed how easily babies adapt themselves and move on, we adults on the other hand take so much time be convinced for a new task or adventure.


My toddler’s love for books

I have always loved reading books fiction, non fiction, autobiographies, travelogues anything and everything. I wanted to share the joy of reading books with my little one as well :). I started showing her cloth /rag books from very early on, i guess she was four months old. Initially it was just another toy for her which had colors, shapes and patterns but she simply loved looking at them. Then I introduced some touch and feel cloth books which are good for baby’s sensory development . She loved the crinkly sounds 🙂 made by books like the snuggle book and the Lamaze book. These were instrumental in building the foundation for the love of books. As she grew, the type of books changed. I started reading to her everyday, still do 🙂  of course it becomes a little challenging when they are mobile, she wouldn’t stay in once place but i would read to her everyday and slowly, steadily she started developing interest in books. She is 16 months old now and would not stop looking at books, she will choose and bring the books to me or her dad and would want us to read everyday, several times in a day. I love to watch  the way she picks up a book herself, looking at the front cover first and turning to have a look at the back as if she understands it all (Who knows, may be they do :)). She has her favorites, some of them she never ever liked, some books had to wait for the love and attention from the little one. I will be sharing details of the books in another post.IMG_8364

Holiday with a 9 month old honey bun


I had been conveniently pushing any holiday plans since my little one’s birth. Of course holidays are not on your agenda for the first three months after the baby is born, there are tons of other things to deal with !!! Once Mahira turned 7 months we started discussing about holidays,Yup life starts getting back on track once the baby is 6 months old :P.There was no need for a lot of research to choose a holiday destination. Our first vacation had to be Goa, the place brings so much joy to me and I really wanted to share that with Mahira. Since this was going to be her first flight we were a little anxious (read really anxious!!), who likes a screaming baby on a flight. We were all geared up and had a lot of props to keep her engaged during the flight like toys, teethers and a number of rhymes on our i pads and phone. Did it work? Sort of but mot much, the idea of sitting in one place for an hour is just not acceptable to her and that’s what made her scream, yes you read it right she did “scream”, but we survived. The next surprise for her was the hotel room for the first half hour she kept staring at all the stuff in the around her. Everything looked different, she was extremely quiet for the rest of the day.We carried a some of her favorite toys, the moment I showed her those she started showing some excitement. Once she familiarized herself to the surroundings the real fun began, she just wouldn’t stay in the room and would want to go out near the sea all the time. She loved the sound of sea and the fresh air around us. She shares the same love for water as her parents :). Goa is going to be our favorite holiday destination i guess and truly truly hope,there’s no bigger joy than sharing your most loved things with the love of your life.

Here is a cheat sheet of what things to carry for the baby for beach holiday:

  • Loads of clothes
  • Sand play toys: Even if they are too young to play, they love to look at the castles being built
  • Mosquito patches
  • 2-3 towels
  • Swimming costume for the baby
  • Swimming diapers
  • Baby lotions
  • Medicines
  • Hats
  • Baby umbrella hat
  • Some of the favorite toys
  • Books
  • Baby sunscreen lotion (My personal favorite is Aveeno)
  •  Body wash and Shampoo for the baby
  • Nail Clippers
  • Feeding bowls
  • Baby food
  • Cot Bedding
  • Blankets
  • Stroller



How is motherhood treating you??

Every new mom keeps getting this question so often “ How’s motherhood treating you?” My answer changes every day and is completely dependent on my lovely daughter’s  mood !!!! This explains how life changes it’s not about ” me” anymore and I love it !!!!! Of course I have moments when I feel completely lost and frustrated nonetheless even at the cost of sounding clichéd I would like to say  one smile on my baby’s face makes it all worth it!!!!