Celebrating diversity through books. Book 1: This is how we do it by Matt Lamothe

Won’t you all agree that diversity and inclusion are some of the topics which aren’t emphasized enough even today. Going forward this is going to be one of the most important lessons for our children as the world is becoming flatter and these kids will have opportunities to collaborate with people from various backgrounds, ethinicity, regions, religions and beliefs. Isn’t it quite exciting ? Keeping all this in mind, I started introducing various countries and cultures to my girl, we do that in a number of ways, sometimes sensory play, arts and crafts, food,books etc. This is how we do it is our first book in this series, it’s perfect to introduce kids to different countries in such a beautiful way.

So what is the book about and why is it so special

The book beautifully sketches out the lives of seven kids from different countries India, Italy, Japan, Iran, Peru, Russia and Uganda, it shows how their day pans out. The book starts with an introduction to their families, the illustrations are so neat and clear, helps making a visual differenciation. Like a family from Russia looks very different from a family in Japan and so on. Then it moves to what the children eat for breakfast, it’s quite interesting to note the differences and also identify the common food items like rice and breads!

Next few pages talk about what kind of houses the kids live in, a look at the schools and the teachers, how do they go to school ( showing the city landscape), how do the children play and what do they play for eg. Jump rope in Uganda and rock throwing in Italy.

What I love most about the book is that it gives so much to discuss about, each page has information that can be processed easily because it’s visually presented in that manner. We have had various discussions about why someone eats rice for breakfast to why the classrooms look so different. It’s almost like having seven books in one with endless possibilities to learn.

Like most of the other books , we did some beyond book activities to absorb more and more, quite simple ones like matching the flag of the country and colouring it. We also added the food element to it and tried to match who eats what. I made a printout for each country and assigned a figurine to represent the characters from the book, it was super fun!


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Ten must read books for a two year old

By the age of two, a child is absolutely ready for books if you haven’t introduced it earlier for any reason. Some of the themes that really work well at this age are rhymes, humour , animals and vehicles. Make book reading your bonding time, cuddle up and get really involved, make some noises, lets get that inner child out !!! Trust me its going to be so special as time goes by and the book reading sessions will turn into bonding sessions in no time.

Lets have a look at some of our favourite books for the age 2+

King Jack and the Dragon by Peter Bently, Helen Oxenbury Casper

This was one of our favourites at that age, its a story of a brave king Jack and his knights Zak and Casper. Their day long adventure fighting with the dragons and the beasts. How the play extends to late evening and knights were taken to the home by the parents (its interesting how its depicted in the book) .The climax is epic, super interesting bed time read.

The Selfish crocodile by Faustin Charles and Michael Terry

A beautiful story about a crocodile who doesn’t want anybody to come to the river . `Stay away from my river! It’s MY river, shouts the crocodile every morning! If you come in my river, I’ll eat you all!’ The animals in the forest don’t know what to do. They are frightened of the crocodile. Even the fish, tadpoles, frogs, crabs and crayfish stay out of the water. However one day a tiny mouse helps the crocodile and gets him out of trouble and a new friendship begins. Its an interesting read and introduces the children to so many animals, the concept of being kind and community living.

Alphabet by Mathew Van Fleet

Its a superb tactile book for toddlers and quite a unique way of introducing alphabets. Each letter has an animal that starts with that letter accompanying it. Not only does it have the name of the animal, but there is a short line describing the texture of part of the animal. For example for the letter G it says, Giraffe, velvety tall (Which is a big flap with a nice texture of the giraffe ). Each animal has a texture on it that children can feel. The book comes with a poster that has pop ups for each letter on it. The little ones love it because it allows them to be interactive.There are so many ways to interact with the pages–parts to move, flaps to lift  and more textures to touch than we have ever encountered in any other book of this sort.

Where Bear by Sophie Henn

An adorable story of a bear living with a young boy and how the bear grows and it becomes difficult for him to live in the house. The boy goes in search of an appropriate place for the bear to live, none of which are to the satisfaction of the bear. That is until the boy takes the bear to the Arctic, where he discovers his love of snow and decides to live there. The boy and the bear remain best of friends forever.

My dad is brilliant by Nick Butterworth

What’s not to love in this book – its cute, its funny and warm. Each page has beautiful clean illustrations showing something that makes ‘Dad’ brilliant – He can do anything from making a tree house, cooking yummy dishes, playing music like a rockstar and run like cheetah. Perfect for a two year old’s attention span and is sure going to be the most read book.

I love you, Blue Kangaroo! by Emma Chichester Clark 

One of our all time favourite books, pretty much a daily read at that age (2+ years). Heart warming story of a girl named Lily who has a favourite cuddle buddy, a blue kangaroo. Its interesting how the blue kangaroo becomes insecure when Lily gets other toys on her birthday. The major theme of the story is valuing friendship especially those friends that have been with you through thick and thin. Those are the friends we should value and never ignore them. Lily also chooses the blue kangaroo in the end.

Hippos Go Berserk by Sandra Boynton

A super simple fun book, Sandra Boynton combines her usual rhyming words with numbers!!!There is plenty of counting going on (number of hippos coming and going from a party).

Doodle Bites By Polly Dunbar 

Doodle the alligator woke up feeling bites bites, how he ends up bitting things in the home, other animal friends and faces the consequences. Messages like you should not bite your friends, its not nice. How doodle apologises and is supported by friends. Brightly illustrated, this is an easy read and perfect for toddlers.

Fox’s socks 

An engaging lift the flap book, the fox is looking for his socks everywhere and ends up finding another piece of clothing. Are the socks under the rug? inside the cabinet? The story is simple and has a rhyme to it which the toddlers enjoy so much.

Oi Frog by Kes Gray and Jim Field

A hilarious book with rhyming words and tonnes of fun with the animals. Cats sit on mats, mules sit on stools, we have laughed so much with this book. Its an amazing book, always comes in handy when the little one is grumpy.

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Five bookish play ideas

What exactly is bookish play?

I don’t think there is an official definition of what bookish play, broadly its Books+Play which means incorporating play activities as a part of a book reading session. We have been doing this for quite sometime now and my little one really looks forward to it. A lot of it is do with the fact that we simply love books and role play and a play set up around a book helps her live the book in reality.

Lets have a look at five bookish play ideas to understand it better

1. Goldilocks and the three bear (Book+Role Play)

This is the abridged version of the classic and is perfect for toddlers. Beautiful illustrations, clear text and amazingly engaging storyline. The books also is great to introduce children to the concept of hot, cold, small, big , low and high. Also a great book for bookish play, just need three chairs and beds (usually available in the toy collection) or you can make it using any kind of blocks available at home, bears from the animal collection and small bowls with some pretend food (I have added some rice ) and its done. Doesn’t take much time but keeps the kids engaged for so long, my daughter would play out the full story using the props. Such a great way to develop their language skills, also a great way of retaining the story since so many senses get involved.


2. Freezy’s new buttons (Book+Math)

Its one of the stories in our suborn Christmas collection book. How a snowman gets new buttons which are actually stolen diamonds. How the thieves come back to take it away from him and are eventually caught by police. A great story for doing some math related activities and thats exactly what we did as a part of bookish play. This also brings in variety, not always about role playing :).  We did a fun counting activity, made a play-dough snowman and a number of hats with numbers written on it, all the kid had to do was pick a hat and put those many number of buttons on Freezy.


3. Tropical Terry (Book+Craft)

The book is a visual treat, our current favourite for sure. Its a beautiful story of acceptance, how each one of us are different and its alright, we all have our strengths and that should be valued. How Terry transforms one to play with the bunch. While doing this she forgot her real strength (Terry is too good at hiding). One day while she was playing around with the tropical friends, an eel came to catch a tropical fish, especially one with a long tail. It was a challenge for Terry to move fast because of the extra weight that she added to become tropical, this story ends beautifully. Terry always had her old friends to back her. We did a little craft activity with some colourful paper, used the pattern scissors to cut it, hence the crinkly tropical tail. We also recreated tropical Terry using water beads(orbeez).


4. We’re going on a bear hunt (Book+Sensory)

What to say about this classic, clearly one of our favourite books till date. How a family walks through the grass, crosses a river, battles a snowstorm to reach the bear’s cave. The author has beautifully captured the obstacles and the repetitive text makes the book super interesting. For bookish play, I recreated the entire setup in a tray their is grass, mud, water, snow and the cave, also included figurines from one of her play set to take them on a bear hunt. We played this for hours and it was kept in the play space for a few days, the tactile exploration is what makes this one so special.


5. Tiddler (Book+Sensory Bin)

Who isn’t a fan of Julia Donaldson!! Story of Tiddler the fish who is always late and has a tell tale explaining the delay, Tiddler is very good at making stories. One day Tiddler is on the way to school and gets caught in a net and how he explains the story when he finally reaches the school is super interesting. The bookish play set up for this one is a bunch of sea creatures, a boat and an oobleck (corn flour and water) base as the sea.


I do hope you’ve enjoyed reading about these  picture books and the bookish play ideas, do let me know if you try some of these.

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Ten books you should read to your one-year-old



“You can find magic wherever you look, all you need is a book in your hand”

Reading is the best thing for a child’s brain it makes them creative, inquisitive, enhances their vocabulary, improves concentration, enhances the attention span and most of all takes their imagination to another level. Reading a book for my little has been my favorite activity, I really look forward to it every day and so does she. Although I introduced reading at a very early age, that is around four months, you can begin at any age. It may take more efforts, especially if the child is used to watching TV or videos because that looks far more interesting due to motion and stories being told in actions. While books require a lot of more attention as the brain starts imagining what you read, this is such a beautiful experience in my opinion. Reading can take us to another place, another time without ever moving. The key is keep trying, take out some time every day to read to them, initially they may show very little interest but slowly and gradually the excitement builds in. Here are couple of things to keep in mind before starting the journey:

  • Make it fun with actions and voice modulation, it has to be a little dramatic to get them interested
  • Involve them in the reading , ask them to point at things
  • Choose a time when they are not very tired, I usually pick up a time when she is done with her running, jumping etc. and needs a downtime to relax. Sometimes we start our day with books J
  • Books should be easily accessible to them
  • Be ready to read a book over and over again, they have their favorites
  • A one year old’s attention span is not much so choose books which are short, preferably board books with 9-10 pages, clean and bright illustrations, not text heavy, books about animals are always liked by kids this age

10 best books for a one-year-old

  1. Good night moon by Margaret Wise Brown: A superb bed time book, with very little text , repetetion and beautiful illustrations, don’t forget to spot the little mouse on each page it was one of the favorite activity for my little one and kept her interest till the end.
  2. Ten little fingers and ten little toes by Mem Fox: Clean white background pages with beautiful illustrations of babies and rhyming text ,introduces the little ones to different cultures.
  3. Good night gorilla by Peggy Rathmann: My favorite bed time story book, impactful illustrations, minimal text and lots of animals.
  4. Dear Zoo by Rod Campbell: Lifting the flaps keeps the little ones engaged and animals are an additional treat.
  5. Put me in the zoo by Robert Lopshire: Beautiful introduction to colors, very simple story line makes it an easy read
  6. Where’s Spot? By Eric Hill: Another lift a flap book with simple illustrations and which kid doesn’t love a dog?
  7. Brown bear, brown bear what do you see? by Eric Carle: Beautiful big illustration of animals one on each page, repetitive without being boring, it’s like singing a song
  8. The very hungry caterpillar by Eric Carle: An interesting book as the story appeals the little ones, they love putting their fingers in the tiny holes, bright illustrations. My favorite book to gift every new born J
  9. Where the Baby’s belly button? by Karen Katz: A beautiful lift a flap book, introduces them to body parts in a very interesting way.
  10. Little Blue Truck by Alice Shertle: The blue truck and a number of animals on board, an interesting read aloud book with a number of sounds and rhyming words.


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Don’t all moms go though this phase when the little monster refuses to play with any of the toys, yes yes yes I hear toy rotation, but sometimes that also doesn’t help. This activity happened on one of those days when mamma had to think of something exciting and new. Also knowing my little one the activity had to be bright and colourful yet challenging. I have been contemplating buying a magnetic match rings stacking toy for quite sometime, this activity is inspired by that toy. All you need is an empty toilet roll, sketch pens, some wrist bands, colourful hairbands can also be used.


I created three cards, any number of permutation combination is possible. Just take a thick piece of paper and create a pattern by colours, whatever comes to your mind, just ensure that you have enough colour bands for the pattern to be matched. Also I left some white space in between to see if she would replicate the same with the wrist bands/hairbands.


Time for action now, just take one card at a time and give it to the little one, let them stack the same coolers on the toilet roll. Its super fun not only to match the colours but also play with the wrist band/hairbands, the elasticity makes it a little tough for them to get it right. When I was prepping up the activity, I thought the challenge is to match colours but the real challenge for her was to stretch the bands just enough to put on the toilet rolls. She is three years old and using all of her fingers at one time isn’t that easy yet. In fact at this age they can only hold a pencil using thumb and the finger on the opposite side and the tripod grasp is not yet developed. Also for this activity she had to not only use all fingers but also the other hand to hold the toilet roll in one place. You might want to help them with that. Nevertheless this is an amazing activity for hand eye coordination, logic building and fine motor skills.

Time for action now, just take one card at a time and give it to the little one, let them stack the same coolers on the toilet roll. Its super fun not only to match the colours but also play with the wrist band/hairbands, the elasticity makes it a little tough for them to get it right. When I was prepping up the activity, I thought the challenge is to match colours but the real challenge for her was to stretch the bands just enough to put on the toilet rolls. She is three years old and using all of her fingers at one time isn’t that easy yet. In fact at this age they can only hold a pencil using thumb and the finger on the opposite side and the tripod grasp is not yet developed. Also for this activity she had to not only use all fingers but also the other hand to hold the toilet roll in one place. You might want to help them with that. Nevertheless this is an amazing activity for hand eye coordination, logic building and fine motor skills.


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Toddler snack recipes

These are my mini me’s favourite recipes. In my experience south Indian dishes never fail, the little one really loves it and these mini uttapam’s are really twice a week preparation in our home. The second recipe is a super healthy mango smoothie oh I am salivating just thinking about it, do try it.

Mini Rava Oats Uttapam


  • 1 cup semolina
  • 1 cup oats
  • 1/2 cup curd
  • 2 tbsp capsicum
  • 2 tbsp onion
  • 2 tbsp tomato
  • Salt

How to make it

  1. Combine semolina, oats, curd, capsicum, onion, tomato and water in a bowl and leave it for an hour.
  2. Grease a mini non stick uttapam pan with little oil.
  3. Pour 2 tbsp of batter in each uttapam and spread it evenly.
  4. Cook on both sides, using a little oil till its cooked light brown.

Mango smoothie with berries


  • 1 cup yogurt
  • 1 Big size mango
  • 1 tbsp honey
  • Mix berries (I use the little farm berry mix)
  • Flax seeds

How to make it

  1. Super easy just blend in until smooth
  2. Top it up with fresh cut mangoes and some berries


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10 ways to practice self-love this Valentine’s

First thought that comes into our minds when we think of Valentine’s Day is to celebrate it with the loved ones. It’s always another person, could be friends of family, but does that mean we can’t celebrate the love for ourselves. I truly believe loving yourself is the most difficult thing and needs a lot of practice, so what better time than the month of February. Practicing self-love not only makes us stronger, positive but also enables us to love others in a better way. So this month take time for yourself and love yourself every day, much more than the previous one. Here’s a ten day plan, no sequence or order, can be repeated as many times ♥


Day 1: Write five things about yourself which you love and would not trade with anybody else ever. It could be as simple as, I love the fact that I smile at everybody (or at least I try to) while walking on the road, trust me not many people can do that.

Day 2: Look at yourself in the mirror and smile at the wonderful self, admire your crooked yet beautiful teeth, or that fat nose that you thought doesn’t look good, or that wide smile of yours just accept it with an open heart.

Day 3: Go out for a meal by yourself, I know many of us do not feel comfortable doing that but give it a shot, choose an informal cafe. Enjoy your company, observe people around, fill your place with desserts that you always wanted to eat and enjoy it without any judgments.

Day 4: Pamper yourself, be it getting a new haircut, massage, or call a therapist at home while you relax in your PJ’s.

Day 5: Wear that favorite perfume of yours which is tucked in some corner of your wardrobe for special occasions, take it out and put in on more often, every day is special. Smells can lift your mood in a flash.

Day 6: Reach to friends you haven’t spoken in ages, take out notions from your head, don’t assume that they may be busy, just drop in a message, trust me it really brings us so much joy to relieve memories and talk about the things you did together it’s a treat for the soul.

Day 7: Buy yourself the ring that you always wanted or those straight pants which you thought would not look good on you, or that noodle strap top, that bikini which you have been admiring since ages just buy it and wear it my dear, you deserve it.

Day 8: Stop comparing yourselves with others, there are tons of people who are facing so many difficulties in life, thank god for what you have, practice gratitude.

Day 9: Listen to your favorite music, have it handy on your phone or iPod always. Dance on the songs that you always wanted to within the comfort of your home to start withJ.

Day 10: Forgive everybody who has ever hurt you, it’s tough but also the greatest gifts you can give yourself. It takes away the bitterness, resentment and all the negativity and gives you so much more power.


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My mom was right

And I admit it ♥

“One day you will understand what I am saying, just wait and watch”, I don’t even remember how many times I have heard  that from my mom while growing up and finally I admit it she was so right.  Although deep down in some corner of my heart I knew she is telling the right thing, but who cares until you actually either experience it, suffer through it or well get your heart broken, actually may be a leg broken (Calcium levels you see, no milk in our diets). She was and is right 99.9% of the time, although until recently I gave her those looks as if she has no idea, times have changed and what not. Only after becoming a mom I have started admitting, how correct she. Motherhood changed in me in so many ways, one of the biggest change is being sensitive towards everybody else’s feelings and especially my mother’s, only a baby can make you thank your mom for everything. I can understand her struggles, frustration when we won’t listen, her over protectiveness and most of all unlimited supply of care and concern which nobody else can have. I openly admit that she is right about most of the things, I don’t even know where to start from exactly but yeah let’s give it a shot, here are the top twenty I can think of:

  1. Eat healthy, eat on time, don’t skip breakfast
  2. Sleep on time, wake up early, fresh minds can do wonders
  3. Don’t eat junk, rather eat home cooked food which tastes really good with a serving of ghee J
  4. Choose your friends wisely
  5. Never argue beyond a point, winning an argument is not everything
  6. Listen to everybody and do what you feel is right
  7. Never disrespect anybody, be a good listener
  8. Don’t trust people blindly, friends are good but family is ever supporting
  9. Take care of your teethUntitled 1
  10. Have enough calcium
  11. Spend money wisely, keep a track of expenses and save some
  12. Moderation is the key, apply it in all the aspects of life
  13. Be careful and vigilant of the surroundings always
  14. Take care of yourself, you are your first love
  15. Be sincere, be it the smallest job like getting some grocery from the store
  16. Get involved in creative things, read books, learn some art
  17. Be patient ( That actually my daughter teaches me every day without even saying )
  18. Keeping our childhood photographs with dates (So important, Can totally relate to it now)
  19. Family is most important and should be priority
  20. Love what you do professionally and never compromise, don’t run behind money.


Aren’t moms the best, so many of these, especially the part about health, eating right and taking care of yourself was just rubbed off by me as a lecture, only after becoming a mum I realized, how accomplished I feel if my daughter eats well. I am sure, as I grow and my little one grows the list is going to get a lot longer and each passing year will bring in much more clarity of what she really meant. Whatever she said was out of love and of course her own experiences and yes she is right.

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