Celebrating diversity through books. Book 1: This is how we do it by Matt Lamothe

Won’t you all agree that diversity and inclusion are some of the topics which aren’t emphasized enough even today. Going forward this is going to be one of the most important lessons for our children as the world is becoming flatter and these kids will have opportunities to collaborate with people from various backgrounds, ethinicity, regions, religions and beliefs. Isn’t it quite exciting ? Keeping all this in mind, I started introducing various countries and cultures to my girl, we do that in a number of ways, sometimes sensory play, arts and crafts, food,books etc. This is how we do it is our first book in this series, it’s perfect to introduce kids to different countries in such a beautiful way.

So what is the book about and why is it so special

The book beautifully sketches out the lives of seven kids from different countries India, Italy, Japan, Iran, Peru, Russia and Uganda, it shows how their day pans out. The book starts with an introduction to their families, the illustrations are so neat and clear, helps making a visual differenciation. Like a family from Russia looks very different from a family in Japan and so on. Then it moves to what the children eat for breakfast, it’s quite interesting to note the differences and also identify the common food items like rice and breads!

Next few pages talk about what kind of houses the kids live in, a look at the schools and the teachers, how do they go to school ( showing the city landscape), how do the children play and what do they play for eg. Jump rope in Uganda and rock throwing in Italy.

What I love most about the book is that it gives so much to discuss about, each page has information that can be processed easily because it’s visually presented in that manner. We have had various discussions about why someone eats rice for breakfast to why the classrooms look so different. It’s almost like having seven books in one with endless possibilities to learn.

Like most of the other books , we did some beyond book activities to absorb more and more, quite simple ones like matching the flag of the country and colouring it. We also added the food element to it and tried to match who eats what. I made a printout for each country and assigned a figurine to represent the characters from the book, it was super fun!


This Post has been written as part of the #BlognBookswithus Blog Train hosted by Kapila from Every Little Thing: Happiness and Kavita from Momtastic World. We are posting about books on our blogs. So hop on and enjoy reading these wonderful posts.

Thank you Aishwarya ( www.aishwaryasandeep.com) for introducing me, do check out their post. I would like to introduce Ujjwal Mishra mywordsmywisdomblog.wordpress.com , don’t forget to check their post as well.

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