Five bookish play ideas

What exactly is bookish play?

I don’t think there is an official definition of what bookish play, broadly its Books+Play which means incorporating play activities as a part of a book reading session. We have been doing this for quite sometime now and my little one really looks forward to it. A lot of it is do with the fact that we simply love books and role play and a play set up around a book helps her live the book in reality.

Lets have a look at five bookish play ideas to understand it better

1. Goldilocks and the three bear (Book+Role Play)

This is the abridged version of the classic and is perfect for toddlers. Beautiful illustrations, clear text and amazingly engaging storyline. The books also is great to introduce children to the concept of hot, cold, small, big , low and high. Also a great book for bookish play, just need three chairs and beds (usually available in the toy collection) or you can make it using any kind of blocks available at home, bears from the animal collection and small bowls with some pretend food (I have added some rice ) and its done. Doesn’t take much time but keeps the kids engaged for so long, my daughter would play out the full story using the props. Such a great way to develop their language skills, also a great way of retaining the story since so many senses get involved.


2. Freezy’s new buttons (Book+Math)

Its one of the stories in our suborn Christmas collection book. How a snowman gets new buttons which are actually stolen diamonds. How the thieves come back to take it away from him and are eventually caught by police. A great story for doing some math related activities and thats exactly what we did as a part of bookish play. This also brings in variety, not always about role playing :).  We did a fun counting activity, made a play-dough snowman and a number of hats with numbers written on it, all the kid had to do was pick a hat and put those many number of buttons on Freezy.


3. Tropical Terry (Book+Craft)

The book is a visual treat, our current favourite for sure. Its a beautiful story of acceptance, how each one of us are different and its alright, we all have our strengths and that should be valued. How Terry transforms one to play with the bunch. While doing this she forgot her real strength (Terry is too good at hiding). One day while she was playing around with the tropical friends, an eel came to catch a tropical fish, especially one with a long tail. It was a challenge for Terry to move fast because of the extra weight that she added to become tropical, this story ends beautifully. Terry always had her old friends to back her. We did a little craft activity with some colourful paper, used the pattern scissors to cut it, hence the crinkly tropical tail. We also recreated tropical Terry using water beads(orbeez).


4. We’re going on a bear hunt (Book+Sensory)

What to say about this classic, clearly one of our favourite books till date. How a family walks through the grass, crosses a river, battles a snowstorm to reach the bear’s cave. The author has beautifully captured the obstacles and the repetitive text makes the book super interesting. For bookish play, I recreated the entire setup in a tray their is grass, mud, water, snow and the cave, also included figurines from one of her play set to take them on a bear hunt. We played this for hours and it was kept in the play space for a few days, the tactile exploration is what makes this one so special.


5. Tiddler (Book+Sensory Bin)

Who isn’t a fan of Julia Donaldson!! Story of Tiddler the fish who is always late and has a tell tale explaining the delay, Tiddler is very good at making stories. One day Tiddler is on the way to school and gets caught in a net and how he explains the story when he finally reaches the school is super interesting. The bookish play set up for this one is a bunch of sea creatures, a boat and an oobleck (corn flour and water) base as the sea.


I do hope you’ve enjoyed reading about these  picture books and the bookish play ideas, do let me know if you try some of these.

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