10 ways to practice self-love this Valentine’s

First thought that comes into our minds when we think of Valentine’s Day is to celebrate it with the loved ones. It’s always another person, could be friends of family, but does that mean we can’t celebrate the love for ourselves. I truly believe loving yourself is the most difficult thing and needs a lot of practice, so what better time than the month of February. Practicing self-love not only makes us stronger, positive but also enables us to love others in a better way. So this month take time for yourself and love yourself every day, much more than the previous one. Here’s a ten day plan, no sequence or order, can be repeated as many times ♥


Day 1: Write five things about yourself which you love and would not trade with anybody else ever. It could be as simple as, I love the fact that I smile at everybody (or at least I try to) while walking on the road, trust me not many people can do that.

Day 2: Look at yourself in the mirror and smile at the wonderful self, admire your crooked yet beautiful teeth, or that fat nose that you thought doesn’t look good, or that wide smile of yours just accept it with an open heart.

Day 3: Go out for a meal by yourself, I know many of us do not feel comfortable doing that but give it a shot, choose an informal cafe. Enjoy your company, observe people around, fill your place with desserts that you always wanted to eat and enjoy it without any judgments.

Day 4: Pamper yourself, be it getting a new haircut, massage, or call a therapist at home while you relax in your PJ’s.

Day 5: Wear that favorite perfume of yours which is tucked in some corner of your wardrobe for special occasions, take it out and put in on more often, every day is special. Smells can lift your mood in a flash.

Day 6: Reach to friends you haven’t spoken in ages, take out notions from your head, don’t assume that they may be busy, just drop in a message, trust me it really brings us so much joy to relieve memories and talk about the things you did together it’s a treat for the soul.

Day 7: Buy yourself the ring that you always wanted or those straight pants which you thought would not look good on you, or that noodle strap top, that bikini which you have been admiring since ages just buy it and wear it my dear, you deserve it.

Day 8: Stop comparing yourselves with others, there are tons of people who are facing so many difficulties in life, thank god for what you have, practice gratitude.

Day 9: Listen to your favorite music, have it handy on your phone or iPod always. Dance on the songs that you always wanted to within the comfort of your home to start withJ.

Day 10: Forgive everybody who has ever hurt you, it’s tough but also the greatest gifts you can give yourself. It takes away the bitterness, resentment and all the negativity and gives you so much more power.


This blog post is a part of a blog train hosted by Jasmeet(Mommy Voyage) & Anchal(The Mum Story).

We 28 Mom bloggers are sharing our views on love, relationships in the month of love. This is a month long blog train. I am grateful to Pradnya for introducing me. I now let the train pass from my station to make it another stop at the lovely Mom Pooja Kapoor who blogs at thebanterinmyhead.


12 thoughts on “10 ways to practice self-love this Valentine’s”

  1. This is written exactly what a tired mom should do. I really feel I have started practising a few of the above said things and it really works, using your fav perfume more often, getting in touch with old friends or making new ones.


  2. Wow. This is awesome. I love the music part. It is such a mood enhancer. I put my ear phones on or put my favorite songs on my music system. And poof!!! I’m ready for the world. 💪😎


  3. Well written post. Something straight from a moms heart to another. I would love to get some time for myself to take a long long shower first and then definitely pamper with my favourite body lotion and perfumes. And then head out to meet my friends and chat for really really long. 🤣🤣 but then my mind say don’t dream to much honey


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