My mom was right

And I admit it ♥

“One day you will understand what I am saying, just wait and watch”, I don’t even remember how many times I have heard  that from my mom while growing up and finally I admit it she was so right.  Although deep down in some corner of my heart I knew she is telling the right thing, but who cares until you actually either experience it, suffer through it or well get your heart broken, actually may be a leg broken (Calcium levels you see, no milk in our diets). She was and is right 99.9% of the time, although until recently I gave her those looks as if she has no idea, times have changed and what not. Only after becoming a mom I have started admitting, how correct she. Motherhood changed in me in so many ways, one of the biggest change is being sensitive towards everybody else’s feelings and especially my mother’s, only a baby can make you thank your mom for everything. I can understand her struggles, frustration when we won’t listen, her over protectiveness and most of all unlimited supply of care and concern which nobody else can have. I openly admit that she is right about most of the things, I don’t even know where to start from exactly but yeah let’s give it a shot, here are the top twenty I can think of:

  1. Eat healthy, eat on time, don’t skip breakfast
  2. Sleep on time, wake up early, fresh minds can do wonders
  3. Don’t eat junk, rather eat home cooked food which tastes really good with a serving of ghee J
  4. Choose your friends wisely
  5. Never argue beyond a point, winning an argument is not everything
  6. Listen to everybody and do what you feel is right
  7. Never disrespect anybody, be a good listener
  8. Don’t trust people blindly, friends are good but family is ever supporting
  9. Take care of your teethUntitled 1
  10. Have enough calcium
  11. Spend money wisely, keep a track of expenses and save some
  12. Moderation is the key, apply it in all the aspects of life
  13. Be careful and vigilant of the surroundings always
  14. Take care of yourself, you are your first love
  15. Be sincere, be it the smallest job like getting some grocery from the store
  16. Get involved in creative things, read books, learn some art
  17. Be patient ( That actually my daughter teaches me every day without even saying )
  18. Keeping our childhood photographs with dates (So important, Can totally relate to it now)
  19. Family is most important and should be priority
  20. Love what you do professionally and never compromise, don’t run behind money.


Aren’t moms the best, so many of these, especially the part about health, eating right and taking care of yourself was just rubbed off by me as a lecture, only after becoming a mum I realized, how accomplished I feel if my daughter eats well. I am sure, as I grow and my little one grows the list is going to get a lot longer and each passing year will bring in much more clarity of what she really meant. Whatever she said was out of love and of course her own experiences and yes she is right.

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