Walk on the grass baby !!!


Another road trip with the little one (16 months old), very non adventurous one in terms of meltdowns :). She was much more prepared and so was mommy, we got her very excited for the car ride and promised her that we can spot a number of red buses (current favorite) on the way.  She enjoyed the trip thoroughly, playing on the grass, the swimming pool and good food :). First time she stepped on the grass barefoot, she felt so weird made some faces  and was not ready to take the next step. We distracted her and got her to take some steps, although she didn’t quite liked it. I never thought that the feel of grass can also make someone uncomfortable, her reactions surprise me in so many ways, its like being introduced to so many things all over again :). Anyways once she was confident, which by the way took only 10 minutes there was no looking back, she wanted to be there all the time. I am amazed how easily babies adapt themselves and move on, we adults on the other hand take so much time be convinced for a new task or adventure.


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