Arghhh! My baby doesn’t play with toys!!!


My little one doesn’t play with toys, as in those toys which I buy for her from these super swanky toy stores!!!  Oh wait may be everything is a toy for a 9 month old :). It happens very rarely that the store brought toy is able to hold her attention for more than 10 minutes. She has just started showing interest in “playing” and most of the things she loves playing with are not even toys (Except a couple which i will share in another post). Some of the most loved objects which attract my little one’s attention are:

1. Cap of her milk bottle: Oh how much she loves this one. I can’t understand what attracts her to this,it’s a plain-jane bottle cap after all !!! Doesn’t even have a beautiful color, makes no sound yet its loved 🙂

2. Empty plastic bottles : She just loves these!! so many colors, shapes and labels and easy availability. She loves banging them on the floor, with other objects, on the car window 😛

3. Baby wipes packet: Mostly because of the crinkly sound that the packet makes and bright colors.

4. Sugar free pellet box: Yeah !!! sounds weird but she just loves playing with this one. Compact and light weight, she can hold this in her hand easily and the pellets make a sound, wonder why doesn’t she like any of her rattles so much.

5. Cell Phones and Remote controls: Oh who doesn’t love these,wonder why though !!!! My cell phone is white and the remote control is a boring black. I think she is attracted to them because we use them so often and banging is so much fun!!!

I am sure the list will grow as she starts exploring the home and the world outside!!!!

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