Cheesy Broccoli Mash for 8 month old!!!


Broccoli!!! Oh how much I love this vegetable!!! Have been waiting for the little one to turn 8 months so that i can offer her this super food :). Of course its not easy to think of a recipe which the baby likes instantly, I figured it will be easier to combine it with one of her favorite food “cottage cheese”. Here is a very simple recipe which was loved by my daughter.


A couple of fresh broccoli florets



Olive Oil

Home made cottage cheese


Steam the broccoli to cook it completely

Grate cottage cheese

Brush the olive oil in a heated pan

Saute onions and garlic in the olive oil

Add broccoli and let it absorb the flavor of onions and garlic

Add the grated cottage cheese

Let it cook for 5 minutes

Grind it in a blender ( This will be pasty and not like a Puree)

You can make it runny by adding some vegetable stock while cooking it